Monday, March 12, 2012


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Electronic Devices Agreement
 (This form is adaptable to suit your circumstances)

Please keep in mind that using any type of electronic devices in the classroom is a privilege, not a right.  Treat it with the same responsibility you would your personal belongings.  Use common sense and be aware of your surroundings when online.  Unintentional misuse is just as damaging as intentional misuse.  Remember -a damaged device is worthless.

I agree to the following:
  • Handle the equipment carefully and follow all rules. (Vandalism will not be tolerated.) 
  • Stay on task and follow directions.
  • Never leave the computer unattended.
  • Keep all food, drinks, pencils, pen, etc. away from the computer.
  • Never download any files onto the device without teacher permission.
  • Never change the desktop, brightness, views, languages, dock, etc. of the computer.
  • Report any problems immediately to the teacher.
  • Place the device on a flat surface when using it (no stacking).
  • When carrying a device, make sure the lid is closed and you use BOTH hands.
  • Ask permission before printing
  • Electronic Devices are not to be loaned out or taken off campus.
  • Do not add or remove any hardware or software without teacher permission.

At the end of the working period
  • Follow shutdown procedures given by the teacher.
  • Return devices to the correct slot in the cart and plug in to the correct power adapter. (plugs and devices are numbered)
I Understand that: Electronic Devices that are accidentally or intentionally misused or abused have a negative affect for all students, not just those who abuse them.  Problems ranging from lost apps and tech time to expensive repairs can arise from misuse.  For this reason, consequences assigned to those responsible for improper use of the device will range from lunch detention to possible suspension or expulsion and may include loss of electronic privileges on a part-time or full time basis.